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We help clients navigate change with implementable insights. 


Our expertise covers broad aspects of behavioural studies incorporating cognitive approach, qualitative, quantitative and data analytics methods.


Advertising Research Studies

Our experience with advertising research has given us a unique view of consumers and how they respond to creative material. We use machine learning algorithms to measure customer behaviour towards advertising, digital creative stimuli and concepts. 

Media, TV & Radio Research

We have years of experience working closely with clients in this area. Our expertise goes beyond numbers and ratings. We fully analyse your content, brand values and audience behaviours. Our recommendations will help you to increase your brand relevance among your target audience.

Market Entry & Strategy Studies

With increasing digitisation there is an emerging trend for brands to enter target global markets simultaneously. We believe rich behavioural insights can aid in the better understanding complex markets of China and India.

Brand Tracking & Strategy Studies

Our unique neuromarketing KPIs will exactly pin point the performance of your brand as against your competitors. You will get true and unvarnished point of view on customer affinity with your brand.


CX/UX Studies

CX or UX is not about having a sleek design for building an app or a website. Our research advise and our Neuro-AI approach will help you examine every aspect of the user experience and uncover new insights.. journey and reduce the dissonance between their desired and actual purchase behaviour. 

Behavioural Segmentation Studies

When you group customers based on their attitudes and behaviours, you will get a better idea of how to reach them through branding and marketing efforts. We can help you segment your customers into specific typologies that will help you fine-tune your efforts to maximize profits. 

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