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Helping You Understand What Works And What Doesn't

Stratzie Evaluation Research & Data Strategy Services

We are experts in mixed-methods research. And we apply it cleverly to fulfill the strategic needs of Independent Consultants, Corporate firms, Foundations & NGOs. Drop a line to if you need any assistance in the area of: Audience research, Social & cultural issues, Strategic planning and Capacity building & Design thinking.

Evaluation Research

Advise or help in implementation of:

Logic models

Build-up of theory of change frameworks

Strategy ideation workshops

Needs assessment

Results measurement framework

Mixed-methods research including qualitative, quantitative and RCTs

Data Strategy & Analysis 

Advise or help in implementation of:

Data roadmap & Data storytelling

Advanced data analysis, Machine learning & Visualisation - Includes build up of classification & regression trees, random forest, gaussian mixture models, naive bayes classification, probability plots, histograms, motion charts and more

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