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customer insights

We are a global research & strategy consulting firm. We  help brands gain a strategic advantage through impactful insights of customers that comes from the combination of our experience and  innovative research methods, big data and AI.

How we work with clients

Imagine Stratzie consultants as an extension of your team. We work closely with your team, designing creative solutions to address your business needs. Using your existing data or a combination of top-tier applications and proprietary methodologies, we'll delve deep into your customer journeys, capture their subconscious behaviours and analyse their decision making process.


We are flexible! While we love to form long-term partnerships with you on extended projects, we are also very efficient in handling ad-hoc projects. We also love to collaborate with agencies who want to leverage on our expertise. We manage full-scale multi-country research projects, strategic marketing consulting, project management, and implementation. If you have existing unutilized data, we can also help you to optimise  them to generate meaningful insights.

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