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Role of Neuromarketing in Enhancing Brand Perception

Brand perception as well all know is one of the most important factors in the development of a brand. It is a very well understood subject matter and at the same time it is taken for granted by brand custodians. Not surprising. Every brand tracking questionnaire tend to ask similar questions on brand perception.

The idea is that once brand perception variables are isolated, then marketers can influence perception through different communication styles. However, the drawback in relying solely on traditional survey is that the respondent answers seem to be similar through different waves of #brandcommunications.

This is known as Ineffective Brand Communications (IBC). However, the use of neuromarketing methods along with traditional methods and consequent analysis of cerebral reactions can help brands avoid IBC phenomena and create a positive brand perception.

We completed a strategic brand evaluation for a news channel of TV/content broadcasting station in the Asia-Pacific region. As the news channel was being re-branded it wanted to explore audience perception about the brand, content & relevance of brand ambassador.

We decided to combine traditional and #neuromarketing methods i.e. integrating focus group discussions (FGDs) with #implicitassociationtest (IAT).

This information was combined with qualitative insights, that in turn allowed us to identify true factors that influenced audience perception about the brand. The results were then used in repositioning of the news channel.

In a paper titled “Consumer Neuroscience-Based Metrics Predict Recall, Liking and Viewing Rates in Online Advertising” by Enrique Bigne J. Ausín Valery Naranjo Jaime Guixere, the authors investigated the effectiveness of new advert on You Tube channel.

They found a strong correlation between neuroscience metrics and advertising metrics like YouTube views, advert recall and advert liking.

This shows that intelligent application of neuromarketng methods can supplement traditional research methods to enhance brand perception.

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