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busines consulting

An intersection of research and business consulting that combines disciplined approach and sophisticated tools.

What makes us different?

You have many options for consumer insight consultancies, and we know the choice can be hard. At Stratzie, we are very passionate about what we do and when you decide to choose Stratzie, here are some of the benefits you could expect:


Experienced, interdisciplinary consultants with knowledge from vertical industries - It simply means we’re able to evaluate your business issues from different angles. We will show you the triggers throughout the customer journeys. What you will get are actionable insights and clear recommendations that are strategic in nature.

Quick turn-around - Gone are the days when you have to wait months for research results. Quick results mean you will know exactly what influences and motivates your customers within the relevant time-frame of your product life-cycles. To achieve this we use the relevant research  methodologies combined with latest technologies and our in-depth experience.

Big picture-detail-oriented mindset - Yes, we’re both. Our diverse range of experience enables us to see beyond the questionnaires, surveys and charts. It allows us to conceive a vision for your brands in the bigger market-place. We keep track of broader trends in the market place and we use our technical skills to break down the vision into strategic areas for us to analyse.

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