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No assignment is too small for us. Our research is designed to address your business issues. We apply a range of research and analytics methods to answer your research objectives.

Neuro-Marketing Research

We use range of neuromarketing research tools that will help us measure the brain activities and emotions of your target audience. These measurements will indicate to us the impact that your product, brand, website or creative material has on the target audience:

Eye-tracking — Web-based eye-tracking and device-based eye-tracking let us see exactly what consumers are looking at. Do they linger on your logo, or does their attention stray to your competitor's on the same shelf? Know exactly where their attention is and for how long, so you can make wise, fact-based decisions for future marketing.

Artificial Intelligence(AI)-based Eye-tracking — AI-driven eye-tracking is highly-accurate and does not require recruitment of participants, thus saving you the huge recruitment and incentive costs. The automated system predicts how users are going to perceive your advertising visuals. This method saves time and money by eliminating wasted investments into effective marketing efforts.

EEG — The test shows brain activities to measure consumers' emotional responses to your brand, website, or product. See how customers truly feel about what they're seeing. Is your brand exciting or upsetting? Are consumers feeling comfortable or frustrated? With EEG neuromarketing research, you'll know for sure.

Online Community

We use Online Bulletin Board (OBB) to build online community and engage with consumers through an extended online-discussion. This versatile platform allows us to access to consumer thoughts and habits through diary, blog, forum, poll and more. Time zones and geography will no longer pose issues. The rich feedback is highly suitable for 360-brand evaluation, lifestyle studies and creative tests.


Ethnography allows us to observe people in their own natural environments. While we still offer the traditional Ethnography that includes in-person home-visits, it is the Digital or Mobile Ethnography that is becoming more relevant due to the `always-connected culture' amongst societies.  Digital ethnography offers great flexibility and independence to participants. The absence of a third party observing them allows us to collect more accurate stories and images that represent their lives.

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Online Research

We have a full-range of online qualitative and quantitative methodologies. Online research eliminates geographical barriers and includes audio and video testing. A truly cost-effective, flexible, and fast option for collecting consumer insights. Online research gives you quick results that can take advantage of swiftly-changing consumer trends

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Web-Cam Research

This is an increasingly popular method for In-Depth interviews as it saves time for clients, while increasing flexibility and comfort for participants. Highly suitable for difficult to reach target participants. You save money in travel, space rental, and associated costs since recruited participants simply log in from their own personal space.

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Big Data Research

Draw insights from your existing data. At Stratzie, we have initiated Big Data Clinic services for data preparation, data management, and predictive modelling.

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