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Adding 'E' Quotient to Brand Measurement

With the influx of brands kick-starting daily along with all the existing brands striving to remain relevant in their respective industry, marketing has never been more competitive than ever today.

The digital and technological world has advanced, so has the tools and methodologies of research, delving deeper into the consumers’ sub-conscious level. Stratzie has developed an innovative brand tracking measure, utilising #neuromarketing methods on top of traditional methods of research.

To clarify exactly what Stratzie DBE Index is, why it is needed and how it benefits brands in the market, our Master Storyteller Siti Wajihah has developed a concise Q&A. It's all about adding 'E' or 'Emotional' quotient to brand measurement.

Q: So, what exactly is #StratzieDBEIndex?

Waji:That’s a good question to begin with. It is a single measure that tracks consumers’ emotional impact on the brand. It stands for Stratzie Digital Brand Engagement Index. This measure is a combination of #neuromarketing (e.g. #facialcoding, #EEG, #fMRIetc.) and traditional survey KPIs.

Q: Why now the talk of consumers’ emotional connection with brands?

Waji:This is the digital and social age. And content is the key driver in customer communications. In that respect, how do you measure the depth of #customerliking With the advent of #neuromarketingmethods, there’s a big opportunity for the brands to measure the depth of customer emotion.

Q: How is it effective for different client brands?

Waji:The innovation is that you don’t need a large sample size to conduct brand measurement studies. Yet, the samples are sufficient enough for extrapolation of findings that in turn can be representative of the population at large. And this is due to the advancements in machine learning and #artificialintelligence algorithms.

Q: What kind of outputs can brand marketers expect?

Waji:Firstly, there’s a single measurement for brands as per category, country, region etc. It takes into account the data from #neuroscience and traditional surveys. In addition, there are biometric outputs like heatmaps, correlation maps etc.

Q: Who can participate in this tracking study?

Waji: Any brand, big or small, can participate in this study.

Q: Pricing-wise, what is the cost in order for a brand to participate in this study?

Waji: The study is customised for each participating brand and therefore the costs vary. Please send inquiries to and we will respond swiftly.

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