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Frequently Asked Questions

You have queries on behavioural research and can't find answers here, please do not hesitate to

  • Who is Stratzie?
    Stratzie is a behavioural insights and strategy consuting firm. It is founded by a team of marketing, data and insight experts who, individually, have more than 20 years of international experience. With a registered office Singapore we cater to the business strategy and research needs of companies based across the Asia-Pacific region.
  • Do you serve customers in only in Singapore?
    Not at all, we have clients and partners spread out across different markets, globally. Our team is versatile, mobile and growing by the day. We are used to working with international clients and partners.
  • Our company is not based in the Asia-Pacific region and we are keen to use your services. What should we do?
    We have indepth knowledge and experience of various markets in the Asia Pacific region, so rest assured that we can manage projects for you even if you're based elsewhere. Our team members are all global business travelers. But you can start by getting in touch with us using the Online Consult form. We'll contact you for a chat!
  • How is Stratzie different from rest of the research firms out there?
    We are a strategy consulting firm that specialises in generating and applying behavioural insights to resolve business issues. We start by understanding issues that keep you awake at night. We blend the hard numerical and scientific data with the soft data of in-depth understanding of consumers. The result is powerful behavioural insights beyond the typical surveys or focus groups. You will interact with a versatile team, regardless the size of your company. Each team member brings years of hands on experience and technical expertise. Not to mention that we are thoroughly obsessed with quality - from beginning of the project to the end-results. We keep abreast with latest consumer and research trends. We believe that the world is changing at a rapid pace, and so do the consumers. So when you work with us, you will have access to the latest methodologies or techniques - be it artificial intelligence, machine learning or other methodologies, to help you capture the real insights.
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